Arizona State University Students and the student life of keeping cool and looking fresh

The freedom to explore and experience the newfound independence of university life is the gift of college.

Welcome to Arizona State University! You are In.

First, get the ASU look, head over to OneTen Barber Shop at the heart of Tempe, AZ, in Tempe SOL Apartments, one mile from the university on 1949 East University Drive for a hairstyle befitting a sun devil and come explore what awaits you at ASU.

Next, stroll down College Avenue and visit the large bookstore, which has a wide selection of books on everything from science, history, art, literature, and art history. It doesn’t sound fun, but you are here to get that education.

The Palm Walk is the most photographed location on the Tempe campus, stretching from the University Bridge in the north to the Sun Devil Fitness Complex in the south. The tree on the southwest corner of the Porter and Henderson Library triggers responses ranging from “itchy” to “cool.”

Look forward to the homecoming.

Homecoming brings students, parents, and alumni together to celebrate their Sun devil spirit. The week-long festivals highlight the sunshine with a variety of sporting events, food, music, entertainment, and fun for all ages. A highlight of the week is the annual home game against the Arizona State Devils. You can’t miss this.

The homecoming schedule is packed with activity for everyone. After kick-off, there is a homecoming parade and a block party that starts four hours after kick-off.

The Lantern Walk, which was first celebrated in 1917, remains one of the most popular events in the history of the ASU homecoming festivities. Grab a lantern and join the walk to the top of A Mountain for the symbolic passing of the torch from the senior class to the junior class.

After lighting up Tempe, students, faculty, staff, and friends crown the Homecoming King and Queen, followed by a parade of the Homecoming King and Queen.

The ASU Homecoming Block Party and Parade is a family-friendly event free to the public. Invite your friends and family to come share of the cool life and traditions of ASU.

Back to the serious stuff, building on ASU’s tradition of excellence and competition, the annual Academic Bowl pits four teams of academic athletes competing in a quiz round-up. The finalist team will receive a championship scholarship, and the winner will receive a $100,000 scholarship to the university. Imagine your tuition covered.

Need a break from coursework, visit these ASU attractions

  • Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting Arizona Museum of Natural History
  • Tempe History Museum
  • Arizona Museum for Youth
  • Arizona State University Art Museum
  • Deer Valley Rock Art Center
  • Desert Botanical Garden
  • Papago Park


That’s a little bit about the life you should live as an Arizona State University student.

For looking cool, neat, and fresh, OneTen Barber Shop at the heart of Tempe, AZ, in Tempe SOL Apartments, one mile from the university on 1949 East University Drive, is the ASU barbershop.

We’ll be waiting for you.

Turn heads, get a haircut from the best barbershop in Tempe, Arizona

What does your hair say about you?  OneTen barbershop & salon the multi-award-winning barbershop in Tempe, Arizona, sure does know how to work the clipper and scissors so your head could turn heads.

That’s bold, we get it, but there is more to hair – short, medium, or long – than the protein filaments that shoot from follicles on your head. It is your identity, your brand, your swag.

That’s why we at OneTen barbershop, treasure working on hair for from we create the magic, the bold statement that needs no words.

Located in the heart of Tempe Az and just a mile away from Arizona State University, OneTen barbershop & salon, we cater to the rich diversity of the peoples that call Tempe home.

Taper, pompadour, Caesar, Ivy League, Crop, Quiff, mullet, Buzz cut, undercut, Side Part, mohawk, Faux Hawk, long top, short sides – say the style you want, recline, and our professional barbers will get to work.

And oh, no need to cram the name, come with a picture, say the look you want or get the feel of new hair trends, or let our genius barbers surprise you with a Tempe men’s haircut fit for your hair length and shape of the head.

When in doubt, try our Tempe fades or wear the immortal men classic hairstyle.

It’s your head; it’s your hair, let it speak.

If awards speak of the quality of service in our barbershop, then yours truly, OneTen barbershop and salon, is the recipient of the 2020 Tempe Award Program Committee award for the best Hair Care provider in Tempe. A great accolade we add to our chest of awards as the cleanest barbershop in Tempe, Az, from 2013 to 2018.

We are committed to creating memories, as your hair cut speaks about you, we are confident our barbershop says a lot about us.

It’s no luck or mistake that we continue to rack in awards year after year. We spare no cent to creating the perform environment for the perfect hair cut.

From the moment you step into our barbershop to when you walk out, everything has been intentionally thought through to make you comfortable as you get your hair done.

We don’t do it for the love of praise; we do it cause we love to see the awe in the eyes of clients bounce off the mirror, ready to dart off to the street to strut their new hairdo.

It’s like magic; it’s priceless. Until you get a haircut from the OneTen, you’ve not lived.


Looking for a barbershop near Arizona State University? We are ASU barbershop one mile on 1949 East University Drive.

We’re open Monday to Friday from 10 am-8 pm and Saturday from 11 am-7 pm.

We are OneTen barbershop and salon. Walk in or schedule an appointment with a professional barber in our Tempe barber shop, get the best Tempe men’s haircut.

Look good, feel the man, say no word, let your hair do the talking.

OneTen Barber Shop and Salon, an  Award-Winning Tempe barbershop

OneTen barbershop & salon, a Tempe barber shop, is undisputedly the best barbershop and salon in Tempe, Arizona, after clenching the 2020 Tempe Award Program Committee award for the best Hair Care provider in Tempe.

ArticlesThe Tempe Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Tempe area. The award recognizes companies that generate and contribute competitive advantages and long-term value to the U.S. economy while making make the Tempe a great place to live, work, and play.

The 2020 award OneTen barber shop & salon received adds to the long list of awards we’ve received over the years. We bagged the cleanest barber shops votes for a back-to-back five-year stretch from 2013-2018 along with appearing in the coveted list of 2018 enterprise top 10 barbershops in Arizona.


The 2020 award is only an acknowledgment of the commitment of our barbers and management to what matters most to OneTen barber shop – epic Tempe haircuts.

It is a reward of years of effort and investment to build not just a barbershop but a space where divergent ethnicities converge to explore and celebrate the gift of hair.

At OneTen barbershop & salon, the customer comes first, always has.

We’ve created a classy, ambient environment that spills a feel good; you are welcome vibe.

We are always trying to do that one thing, go that extra mile to draw a WOW from our customers.

Doing this for years, we are convinced it is not just a hairstyle customers get from us; it is an enhancement of their identity.

And so, we never hold back.

We work with only the best tools of the trade, carefully selected to give the best cuts, maintained and sanitized cause we are crazy about health and hygiene in our barbershop.

Not only do we use the top of the rack tools, but we also use hair products and oils that will go beyond add shine and smooth to hair – they protect and treat for healthy strands.

Tired of going to barber shops wondering if they are great, if

Our professional barbers don’t just shave hair; they are skilled artists with talents above level experienced for diverse hair.

When we say we can do any hairstyle, we can, because on our plush chairs have sat all kinds of people the face of the earth has seen.  Thanks to our location.

We are located in an ethnically rich and diverse local community complemented by the Arizona State University Students who come from different parts of the world. We are an ASU barbershop.

Ready for a shave?

Our doors are open. Come experience firsthand the award-winning Tempe haircuts.

Find OneTen barbershop and salon at 1949 East University Drive and let us dazzle you with a head shave, scissor cut, razor cut, clipper cut, specialized cuts, beard, and goatee design, manicure and show shine, or a straight hot towel razor shave

We’re open Monday to Friday from 10 am-8 pm and Saturday from 11 am-7 pm.

OneTen barber shop and salon; Great location. Great Vibes. Great Hair cuts. Stay Sharp.

Luxury Tempe Life SOL Apartments for Arizona State University (ASU) Students

Luxury student housing is on the rise, and as swanky student housing replaces more modest student booths, Arizona State University students aren’t left out.

Welcome to the fantastic Tempe Live Sol Apartments, luxury ASU students’ apartments, the home of the finest ASU barber shop – OneTen Barber Shop.

If features and indulgence define luxury, SOL ASU students luxurious apartment complexes come equipped with many extras that allow students to have fun and blow off the stress of college.

SOL has recently completed over $500,000 worth of renovations, including a newly built 24-hour learning center, improved common areas, a new dining area, modern kitchen and bathrooms, and parking improvements. The upgrades included installing a 30-passenger Arizona State University bus that runs several times a day.

The luxurious facilities are tailored for students and provide comfortable off-campus accommodation for ASU students.

The facilities Tempe Live SOL Apartments offers go far beyond what we have known about university accommodation in the past, and we can see precisely what is available. The amenities are far superior to those we know, with her state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.

Innovative and diverse spaces and facilities ensure that Arizona State University students have the best accommodation that offers students the best life in Arizona.

An off-campus facility is an attractive option for students who want freedom and privacy while still part of a community.

The professional on-site SOL property management ensures that you have peace and support when you need it most.

With SOL, students can enjoy a community that does not exist in Tempe, Arizona, and the lifestyle they deserve is available in multiple floor plans.

SOL offers several floor plans to choose from, including a large open floor plan with a variety of amenities and amenities, as well as a private pool and fitness center. The large open floor plan features an outdoor terrace for socializing with friends and neighbors, modern fitness centers that make workouts easy and accessible, a resort-style pool that is among the best in Tempe, and an indoor/outdoor pool for outdoor recreation.

Find your Arizona State University apartment in one of Arizona State’s best student communities, right here at Tempe Live Sol Apartments.

Everything awaits you in your preferred student residence in Tempe with SOL, and you will not find any other accommodation that has the quality, style, and vitality of this beautiful community.

SOL makes sure that you, as an ASU student, you will find their accommodations a perfect fit for you. You have all the benefits you are looking for.

Explore the SOL website to see the amazing amenities and lifestyle that you could live in SOL with the best of both worlds at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Experience college with unmatched amenities, and when you are down for a haircut, drop by the OneTen Barber Shop right within Tempe Live Sol Apartments.

We are found at the heart of Tempe, one mile from Arizona State University on 1949 East University Drive.

The Top 5 Men’s Haircut Styles and New Trends in 2020

Are you struggling to find that perfect haircut style? Fret not, for there are many ways to look stylish and trendy in 2020.

Check out our list of top must-try haircut styles and trends for 2020.

Whether you want to keep things simple and sophisticated or dramatic, the hair trends of 2020 have something to offer that suits your sensibilities (or lack thereof). From samurai-inspired cuts to smooth backs, you get a bit of everything to help you find a new style that suits your personality. If you need to find your new hairstyles, read on for some of our favorites.

We hope this list will give you some inspiration for your next haircut. If in doubt, you can always pop by OneTen Barber Shop, our professional barbers and stylists can help you select the perfect haircut based on asymmetry or trend.

The Top 5 Men’s  Haircut Styles And New Trends in 2020:

1. The Buzz Cut

A classic haircut, which has proven itself over time in all shapes and forms, will always be stylish. You can wear it the military induction short or much higher with a number 4 guard.



2. Undercut Quiff

Crossing to the modern and trendy, the undercut quiff takes from the tried-and-tested quiff hairstyle but with shaved sides. It never disappoints.



3. The Fade

Casual meets trendy with the fade haircut – another hairstyle that never runs out of steam for churning striking looks.  A versatile haircut that can be worn in varying heights for varying fashion palettes.  Either choice you go for: low fade, the standard mid fade and the stylish high fade – will get you noticed.



4. The Crew Cut

The crew cut combines a modern look with a neat style that a minimalist loves. And don’t be fooled, the crew cut in its simplicity exudes confidence and class to the man or woman that wears it. Besides, a shorter haircut every few years makes you look younger.



5. The Samurai Top Knot

When it is a statement you seek to make, go the samurai style with the samurai top knot hairstyle. A knot crowns your head with a touch of a fade on the sides.  Drop the knot, and you still look trendy.




Whether you style your hair in a neat, stylish haircut or a more casual look, these most popular styles have it all.

The idea may vary by choice, but the goal remains the same: to reset the entire look based on the best men’s haircuts for 2020. Whether you’re looking for a more modern look with a shorter or longer cut, or just want to tweak your style with fresh fringe, 2020 is the perfect time to try something new, as we have done.

At OneTen Barber Shop, we can give you a look and feel you want with an emphasis on glamorous hairstyle, cascading haircuts, shortcuts, and even a long cut that rejuvenates your look.

Schedule an appointment today.

The ASU Barbershop at the heart of Tempe

Looking for a barbershop in the center of Tempe, AZ?

Housed at the lavish Tempe SOL Apartments, OneTen Barber Shop is in the perfect location for ASU students and anyone around the Tempe area looking for a good barbershop.

You care enough about your looks to search for a barbershop near you, so do we.

We’ve built probably the best ASU barbershop at the heart of Tempe to offer you the best shaving experience money can buy. We’ve got the best facilities and created the perfect atmosphere that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated, looking forward to your next haircut.

Why OneTen Barber Shop?

We’ve got the Perfect Location!

Sometimes you have to go to the ends of the world to get the kind of quality only one barber provides.

If you are an Arizona State University student or live around Tempe, Arizona, we’ve brought the best barbershop near you, so you don’t have to travel 1000 miles for a trendy hair cut.

Just one mile from Arizona State University on 1949 East University, you will find OneTen Barber Shop right at the heart of Tempe.

Our proximity to the university helps us serve as the ASU Barbershop to the student community.

Professional in house barbers

Getting a hair shave is less of chopping and clipping hair; if it were, anyone could do it. It is art, and it takes extended training and practice to craft the art of creating masterpieces with the head.

We don’t just have the best local for a barbershop in Tempe; we have the best and professional barbers near you. On staff are the best barbers and hairstylists in Tempe, Arizona.

Voted the cleanest barbershop in Tempe, Arizona

One Ten barbershop is a multi-award winning barbershop in Arizona. Our latest prize is the 2020 Tempe Award Program Committee award for the best Hair Care provider in Tempe. Prior to that, we voted the cleanest barbershop in Tempe, AZ, for five years in a row.

A wide range of Quality services

Yes, we shave and style hair. But, we do more than shave hair. Our patrons stick with us because of the assurance of a service that’s on par with the latest hairstyles and trends. We are specialists in scissors or razors or clipper cuts for all kinds of hairstyles. If your hairstyle is not on the menu, we can get you the look you want with our specialized cuts.

As you get your hair done, get your nails and shoes get the shine that matches your hairstyle with our manicure and shoe shine services.

Complimentary personalized hairstyle advice

We live and breathe and work hair. That gives us pleasure to give personalized hairstyle advice, so you get the right style that rocks the symmetry of your head.


There’s a lot to love about OneTen Barber Shop. Come, see for yourself.

Our barbershop is located at the heart of Tempe, AZ, in Tempe SOL Apartments, one mile from Arizona State University on 1949 East University Drive.