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The Perfect Head Shave in Tempe, AZ

Our head shave service will give you the cleanest look you can ever have.

A head shave is another all-time favorite for many men.

Our head shave service is ideal for patrons who love a clean look that highlights their face and head.

Our multi-award-winning barbershop hosts gents from all the corners of the world because of the certainty that One Ten barbershop gives the best head shave in Tempe, Arizona.

Trust our pro barbers to shave your head. A shave that will turn heads and shine the great man in you only matched by the glow of your crown – we are happy for our patrons.

We’ve perfected our shaving process to guarantee a consistent quality result on every shave.

We start with getting your head ready for the shave.

We moisturize your scalp with lather; apply only the best, premium shaving cream, then use an antiseptic that saves your head from the dreaded razor bumps and the irritation that comes along with it after a shave.

Your barber will then work their magic with our classic head shave.

Your head shave is completed by your barber applying our luxurious post-shave balm, followed by a cold towel to tighten pores and lock in moisture to the scalp.

When the barber is done with the head shave, just when you think we are done with your head, they will apply a post-shave balm on your scalp.

That is, you are ready to rock.

Wondering if a head shave is for you, then consider the advantages of shaving your hair.

The men of old believe that shaving hair is good for hair growth.

Share the look of the bald and powerful men that walk this earth

A head shave is easy to maintain – saves you the hustle of taking care of and maintaining hair.

If you are bald and want to fly under the radar, a head shave can hide your baldness.

Get a head shave and shave off some years from your looks, because you will look younger.

For men fraught of the cons of a head shave like bumpy heads from razor bumps, our process ensures you are safe from bumps. While a man worried about sensitivity and sunburn, our barbers offer complimentary advice on how to maintain your head and avoid any side effects of the head shave.

Our ultra-modern interiors and comfortable barber’s chairs create a rich ambiance that redefines grooming services.

Get The Best Head shave in Tempe, Az

OneTen barbershop is a multi-award winning barbershop in Arizona.

Our latest prize is the 2020 Tempe Award Program Committee award for the best Hair Care provider in Tempe, Arizona. Prior to that, we were voted the cleanest barbershop in Tempe, Az, five years in a row.

Please schedule an appointment with our professional barbers for your head shave or walk into our barbershop.

Our barbershop is located at the heart of Tempe, Az, in Tempe SOL Apartments, on 1949, East University Drive.

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