Manicurist +<br>Shoe Shine

Manicurist + Shoe Shine


The Best Manicure and Shoe Shine Service in Tempe, AZ

Get the shine and glow your nails and shoes deserve with our manicure +Shoe Shine service.

We use only premium nail products in pedicure and manicure service that not only makes your nails look good; they replenish and revitalize the skin on your hands and feet.

We offer a wide range of nail services in Tempe to boost your stylish appearance.

Show love to your hands and feet with any one of these nail services;

  • Nail Clipping
  • Feet and Sole Scrub.
  • Hand and feet soak in our nutrient-rich lathered water to soften dry nails and dead skin.
  • Nail Polish and varnishing
  • Feet and Hand Massage  and Moisturizing

Our trained nail technicians and nail artists are on hand get your nails to class you feel following a process that delivers impeccable results every time.

We start with filing and trimming your nails to share what you want.

We then gently push the nail cuticles and remove them.

Using a nail buffer, your technician will smoothen the nail surface and ridges.

To stimulate blood flow, keep your hands soft and smooth, we indulge your hands and feet to upscale massage moisturizers and oils.

Straight out of the massage, we wrap hands in moisture and oil-rich warm towel that will hit every inch of your hands and nourish your skin.

Only then does the nail stylist apply our selected premium nail polish from the thousands of colors and top brands that don’t fade and save your nails from chipping.


Tempe Shoe Shine Service.

Complementing the nail service is our Shoe shine service in Tempe.

If you love shoes, you want to show them love with our shoeshine service.

Show your shoes love with conditioning or polishing with the appropriate color for your shoes, or waxing to reveal the shine hidden in the leather.

We take your shoes on a transformative journey where for once, they are not treading. By the time they get to you, we wouldn’t blame you for entering between your sheets with them. The before and after  will rekindle the lost love for your shoes.

The journey begins when the shoes reach our shop.

We clean and strip them of any visible chaff and dirt.

For shoes that need them, we condition the shoes with special ingredients that will soak, penetrates, and rehydrate the leather.

Only then do we give them a full edge and heel finish and shine.

Now, they are ready for your feet. You’re welcome.

We love to see smiles run wide in our client’s faces, so we do what we can to bring that smile every time you patron our nail and shoe shine service in Tempe.


We are the Best Manicure and Shoe Shine Service in Tempe, AZ

OneTen barbershop is a multi-award winning barbershop in Arizona.

Our latest prize is the 2020 Tempe Award Program Committee award for the best Hair Care provider in Tempe, Arizona. Before that, we have been voted the cleanest barbershop in Tempe, AZ, for five years in a row.

Please schedule an appointment with our professional team for your manicure and shoe shine service or walk into our barbershop and leave rejuvenated, looking good, ready to face life head-on.

Our salon is located at the heart of Tempe, AZ, in Tempe SOL Apartments, on 1949, East University Drive.

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