Scissor Cut

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The best scissor cuts service in Tempe, AZ

Scissor cuts are an indulgence of real men who know the beauty born when metal meets hair.

Snip, snip, two sharp metals collide, chipping away.

At OneTen Barbershop, we love scissors; they are like a magic wand slipped into the fingers of our professional barbers chipping hair to any style.

Scissor cuts are for real men;

They are for men who love to keep the tradition of using scissors for hair trims

They are for men who can’t get enough of the relaxing and soothing sniping sound of a scissor chipping away.

They are for men who adore the rush of sharp metals run through their hair for the perfect trim.

The scissor, one of the greatest human inventions, so old that its origins get lost in history, is one of the best tools in the hands of our skilled barbers.

Some believe the scissor is the invention of Leonardo da Vinci the genius; others credit the early men of Egypt, while others contend it was in the Middle East. You wouldn’t care about where the scissor was invented, so do we, we love though that they found their way to our barbershop in Tempe, Arizona.

Dating to the 3rd to 1st century BC, scissors have been parcel to men’s grooming, so we at OneTen barbershop latch on to the timeless tradition of trimming the hair with scissors.

Everyone who tries our professional scissor cuts in Tempe leaves in awe of how our professional barbers work the scissor to craft the perfect haircut.

With our scissor cuts service, we get into the hair, weave, and slice and cut tapering short hair and layering long hair to achieve a bespoke soft look.

We believe mastery of the scissor and comb is the art of barbering. We’ve got it in plenty, helping each patron look good and stay sharp.

Explore some hairstyles perfect for a scissor cut.

The classic taper

Cut short on the sides and left long on the top, the classic taper haircut is perfectly achieved with a scissor cut to give you that Ivy League look than dons the head of David Beckham, the soccer legend.

The medium brush up hairstyle

Rock with the brush up hairstyle. The back and sides are cut short and the top cut to medium length. The Brush up is the perfect haircut for anyone with short to medium length hair.

The Curly Quiff

Long on the top and short on the sides, the Curly Quiff looks excellent on both men and women. A relaxed and artistic hair cut for one blessed with curly hair.

The classic scissor cut

Take a stroll to the classics with the classic scissor haircut. Nicely cut short on the back and sides with a brush length on the top.

Try our Scissor Cuts service in Tempe, Arizona. Our experienced and professional barbers will snip your hair to craft a masterpiece for a modern or classic or outright bold look.

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