Straight Hot Towel<br>Razor Shave

Straight Hot Towel Razor Shave

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Straight Hot Towel Razor Shave Service in Tempe, AZ

You work so hard, you deserve a treat, drop by One Ten Barbershop for the best Straight Hot Towel Razor Shave Service in Tempe, Az.

Our Straight Hot Towel Razor Shave starts with a steaming towel, lather, and luxury pre-shave oils; the shave then ends with a treat with hot lather and an exotic after-shave balm.

Hard-working men from all walks of life love our straight razor service for the impact and rejuvenation they need to scale further the ladder of life.

A  hot towel shave combined with the straight razors we use opens up your skin pores ridding it of dirt, dead skin, and oils to give you smooth and soft skin. Similarly, a hot towel razor shave serves as an exfoliation treatment that revitalizes your skin.

The controlled and clear-cut shave with a straight razor leaves your skin free from nicks, cuts, scratchy irritations, and razor burns that riddle the traditional razor shaves.

Go beyond seeking the benefits of a good skin, how about, relax to a straight hot towel razor shave. Sink into our comfy chairs, and let the steam from the hot towels penetrate your skin to extract the feeling of amazing and bring life to your skin.

Everything about OneTen barbershop is designed for our patrons, not just to look good, even though we are good at that.

We’ve perfected our shaving process to guarantee a consistent quality result on every shave.

We start with getting your face or head ready for the shave.

We wrap a steaming hot towel around your face, moisturize your skin with lather, apply only the best, premium shaving cream, then use an antiseptic that protects your skin from dreaded razor bumps and the irritation accompanies it.

Your barber will then work their magic with the straight razor shave.

When your razor cut is done, your barber will apply our luxurious post-shave balm, followed by a cold towel to tighten pores and lock in moisture to the skin.

So refreshing that our patrons always return for more.

We are committed to the consistent delivery of the best straight hot towel razor shave service in Tempe and go beyond a process to build a barbershop with ultra-modern interiors and comfortable barber’s chairs that bolster a rich, relaxing ambiance that redefines grooming services.


We are the Best Straight Hot Towel Razor Shave Barbershop in Tempe, AZ

OneTen barbershop is a multi-award winning barbershop in Arizona.

Our latest prize is the 2020 Tempe Award Program Committee award for the best Hair Care provider in Tempe, Arizona. Before that, we have been voted the cleanest barbershop in Tempe, AZ, for five years in a row.

Please schedule an appointment with our professional barbers for your straight hot towel razor shave or walk into our barbershop and leave rejuvenated, looking good, ready to face life head-on.

Our barbershop is located at the heart of Tempe, AZ, in Tempe SOL Apartments, on 1949, East University Drive.

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